Paula Margulis

Teresa Martin Grier
Mortgage Agent
Dominion Lending Centres

Endorsement November 5 2015

I have known Laura now for 4 years and how we met was pure serendipity.

She was canvassing in my neighbourhood for real estate listing at the time, I was just starting up a local business networking group so I gave her a call- we had a coffee meeting. I am a mortgage agent so the synergies just made sense. At our first meeting, we realized we had a kindred connection. She has two daughters and a wiener dog, JUST like me, She approaches her business in a very similar way to me. This association made sense and I have been grateful for the events that brought us together. As we grew our business contact with each other… it was very easy to refer business to Laura. What makes her EXCEPTIONAL as a real estate agent are the following qualities. READ MORE

John Brook

A Buyers Choice Home Inspections

I just wanted to send you a quick note on the Inspection Wed. I was very Impressed at how you and your mother put your clients well being above all else. Too many times people just look at the bottom line and want to move on with business. Your team work shows true professionalism that you can both be proud of.